Authorgraph Bugs and Growing Pains

The good news is that I’ve almost completed the updates to Book 1 for the Kindlegraph to Authorgraph changes.  If you bought the book from Amazon, you’ll be able to download the updated version soon.  If I sent you an autographed copy, I’ll have to send you a new one.  I’ll let everyone know as soon as the updated version is available.  🙂

Actually, if you don’t have the book already, you might want to buy the book now just so you can see the way the old Kindlegraph site worked before the Authorgraph changes.

DebuggingAuthorgraph Bugs

The bad news is that Authorgraph is experiencing a few bugs.

I’ve already seen some of the issues related to the new account options (creating an account rather than logging in via Twitter).  If you follow @Authorgraph on Twitter, you’ll see they’re already working on these.

I’ve also found problems with email notifications to authors (about new requests) and to requestors (about fulfilled requests). They’re just not happening. I tweeted @Authorgraph about them a few hours ago.

Another author in our Facebook group asked me about another issue with using Authorgraph on the iPad. We all know that using a mouse to “sign” our names is a pain, so using a pen style input device or a stylus and an iPad or tablet is a much prettier option. The problem is that when you sign in to Authorgraph, you can use the dropdown menu to see the options for Your Requests, Your Collection, etc., but you can’t select them.  Try to tap one and the menu disappears.

I just tweeted @Authorgraph about that one, too.

If you want to follow the conversations on Twitter, follow @Authorgraph and look for responses to @cdclocks (my Twitter handle).

If you’re not a Twitter fan, no worries.  I’ll post updates to the Facebook group as I hear anything new.



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  1. Whoo-hoo! The email notifications are fixed. I got emails from Authorgraph this morning and the following twitter post: “Whoops! Authorgraph daily notification emails haven’t gone out for the past few days. Remedying that now. Authors check your inboxes!”