Authorgraph Supports Multi-Author Feature

From Authorgraph’s recent newsletter:

Multi-author support is finally here!

This has been the most popular feature request from authors and I’m happy to announce that it is available today.

The process of claiming a book by additional authors is exactly the same as for a single author. Simply go to Add your books and enter the ASIN for the book you’d like to claim. A multi-authored book will now appear on the author pages for each of the authors and readers can choose to receive an Authorgraph from one or all of them.

Anne Rice Arrives in a Coffin for Booksigning

The infamous Jake Reiss, owner of the Alabama Booksmith affirms that running a successful independent bookstore is just as much about entertainment as it is about the books.  He should know since speaking and signing events sponsored by the Alabama Booksmith are incredibly popular with southern bibliophiles.

The video of Anne Rice arriving in a coffin for a booksigning didn’t actually happen in Alabama, but it’s an awesome example of an author having fun and engaging with her readers.

HarperCollins Publishers Partners with Autography

autography social media shareThis is exciting news for HaperCollins authors and fans.

The first mass signing event kicks off at the Romance Writers of America conference in Atlanta on July 20th with twenty authors including Eloisa James, Rachel Gibson, Kerrelyn Sparks, Lena Diaz, Karen Erickson, and Molly McAdams, as well as some of the imprint’s new talent, such as Jennifer Ryan.

I can’t wait for these authors to experience Autography.

Once they see first hand how easy and engaging ebook signings are with the Autography app (in person, online, or at home in PJs), they’ll be just as excited as their fans to connect and share.

In addition to the personalized autographs in the actual ebooks, there’s also something “giddy” about sharing the image and the experience on social media.  …just makes everyone want to smile.  🙂

autography social media share

A copy of the full press release, HarperCollins Publishers Partners with Autography follows, or you can check it out on Autography’s web site.

Remember.  Autography loves and supports indie authors just as fully as any traditionally published author.

If you want to sign ebooks like other pros, the folks there are incredibly inviting and helpful.  I highly recommend contacting Autography to set up your free author account and offer individually personalized and autographed copies of your ebooks.

Press Release:


Authors to Sign and Personalize Ebooks in 2013

July 15, 2013 – ST. PETERSBURG, FL – Autography LLC today announced it has signed an agreement with HarperCollins Publishers that will allow HarperCollins authors across all genres to use the Autography software to engage fans through digital book signings from anywhere in the world.

The first event will be held by Avon Impulse at the Romance Writers of America conference (RWA) in Atlanta, Georgia. Twenty Impulse authors will participate, including Eloisa James, Rachel Gibson, Kerrelyn Sparks, Lena Diaz, Karen Erickson, and Molly McAdams, as well as some of the imprint’s new talent, such as Jennifer Ryan. This unique meet-and-greet will be a special-in person autographing session for RWA attendees, and will be held in room L405 at 10:45am on Saturday, July 20th at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

The partnership follows the success of a virtual signing event for New York Times bestselling romance author, Stephanie Laurens, this winter. Using the Autography software, Laurens chatted online with fans from around the world, answered their questions, and autographed eBooks to coincide with the release of her new book, And Then She Fell.

“We are thrilled to be the first major publisher to partner with Autography, and are especially excited to kick off our relationship by delivering this innovative and personalized experience to our authors’ devoted fans at the Romance Writers of America Conference,” said Angela Tribelli, Chief Marketing Officer, HarperCollins Publishers. “Partnering with Autography allows us to preserve the intimacy of an author signing while reaching readers around the globe.”

Autography’s e-signing technology works across all major eReader platforms and applications, inserting a unique, personalized autograph page that becomes a part of the eBook. The signature page can be customized with specific background graphics to help brand the author, series, or event. For in-person book signings, the signature page can even feature a picture of the fan with the author, creating a truly personal keepsake. Fans can share their autographed pages on Facebook or Twitter with one simple click.

“We are delighted to be working with a major publisher like HarperCollins in providing innovative solutions for their authors.” said Garry Martin, Chief Marketing Officer, Autography LLC.

About Autography

Autography LLC is a media technology company headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida. The firm features a patent-pending method for personalizing digital media that can be enjoyed on a wide-variety of consumer devices. The company was co-founded by author TJ Waters and technology executive Robert Barrett in May 2011. (, 727-388-1605)



Charla Rocks and So Does Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey Signed My Book – Or Did He?

Do book signings still matter?  Ha!  They do to Charla Arabie and thousands of other Hugh Howey fans.

(Warning…the video is over 12 minutes long, but if you appreciate the bond a book signing can create between an author and a fan, it’s well worth the time.  Heck.  It’s worth the time just to meet Charla.  …best. fan. ever.  LOL)

The Best Pens for Book Signings

Now available for purchase on, Best Pens for Book Signings answers the question…

“What’s the best pen to use for book signings?”

Sooner or later, a conscientious author will ask the question – when she knows in her gut that just any old pen won’t do.

Do you know the differences and significance of pen and ink specifications and quality?

  • Water-based ink
  • Oil-based ink
  • Gel
  • Ball points
  • Felt tips
  • Markers
  • Indelible ink
  • Archival ink
  • Smudge
  • Transfer
  • Bleed
  • Usability

Information and lists of desirable qualitiesstep-by-step testing instructions, and illustrated test results for the top pens recommended by authors and artists are all compiled into this quick and easy reference guide.

This book is for the conscientious writer who is well aware that handwriting in a book deserves a little care. With Best Pens for Book Signings, authors arrive at book signing events confidently assured that they have good quality pens that work well specifically on the paper/pages in his or her specific book(s).

  • The factors and specs for picking a quality pen for book signings
  • Detailed results and sample images from the tests
  • Test results for various paper quality and texture in paperback, trade paperback, coloring and text books (with slick, glossy pages)
  • Test results for the top pens and markers recommended by authors and artists
  • Cumulative scores on a 5-Star rating system
  • Step-by-step instructions for testing your favorite pens on your own books
Testing data from the following pens is included in the book.

  • Zebra Sarasa™ 0.7mm
  • Pentel RSVP® Comfort Zone™ Grip w/ Cap Black Fine Tip
  • Pilot® Precise V5 Premium Rolling Ball Extra Fine 0.5mm
  • Sharpie® Pen Stylo Fine Point with No Bleed
  • Standard Sharpie® Extra Fine Point
  • Standard Sharpie® Fine Point Permanent Marker
  • BIC® Round Stic™ med and Swag Pen with Cap
  • Swag Pen, Retractable
  • Prismacolor® Premier Art Marker

Written by the author of What Do Ebook Authors Sign?Best Pens for Book Signings is dedicated to the authors and readers who love the printed page and those who are keenly aware that there is no magic Undo button with pen and paper.


Authorgraph Widgets

~from Founder, Evan Jacobs:

I’m happy to announce the availability of this widget in the new Author Tools area of the website. There are instructions there for adding the widget to your blog or website. It even works for blogs that are hosted on!

Here are some other highlights:

  • As a result of the easier request process, readers are requesting 40% more Authorgraphs than last month.
  • Authors are adding 200% more books thanks to making the “Add your books!” link more prominent.
  • Readers have indicated that they use a wide variety of reading devices and apps. Authorgraph makes it easy to connect to all of them!


Evan Jacobs, Founder

P.S. Authorgraph now has a Facebook page!

Ok.  I’m game.  Let’s give the widget a shot…

Get a free Authorgraph from Sherry Snider

That should give you a quick button request for an Authorgraph.  If you’d like an autographed/personally inscribed page IN the ebook, look for the Autography links on the Buy the Books page.

Free Signed Copy of the Ebook, What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1

The Promo for a free signed copy of What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1 has begun!

What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1 Tools & TechnologyMembers of the What Do Ebook Authors Sign? mailing list or Facebook group can get a free signed copy of Book 1 with all the details and instructions to get you signing ebooks today!

This offer is running until Thursday at midnight, 11/08/12.

Again, this is an exclusive offer to members of the mailing list and members of the bonus Facebook group.  This is an exclusive offer for you, but if you already have a copy of the book, you are also welcome to request a copy during the promo for a friend.

If you know someone else who’d like a free signed copy of Book 1, send them to  They can join the mailing list or the Facebook group between now and midnight Thursday, November 8th to participate in this exclusive offer.

So, how do you get your free signed copy?

Participation is simple.  Send an email to signthis (at) between now and midnight, November 8th with the following information.

  • Email address where you’d like the free signed copy sent.
  • (optional) To whom would you like this made out?  (Your name, friend’s name, or just indicate no name if you’d prefer not to have your name on the inscription)
  • (optional) Any special requests for the inscription?  (You can leave this off if you’d like, but I can customize the inscription if you remind me how I might know you…fellow member of a Facebook group, old eHow buddy, etc.)
  • Finally, because this is an exclusive offer for members, tell me your name or email address (from the mailing list) or your name in the Facebook group.  (This is just a way to keep the offer exclusive to all you loyal folks who’ve joined me on this quest to sign ebooks and spread the word that authors CAN sign ebooks.)

Once you’ve emailed your request, I’ll sign and send you a free copy of the ebook to the email address you specified.  Look for an email from Autography.  That’s where you’ll get the link to download your free signed ebook in ePub and/or mobi formats, so you can read the book on virtually any ereader device, computer or smartphone.

Why the free promo? …and why not on Amazon

  • The KDP Select program on Amazon has done amazing things for authors, but the requirement to sell ebooks exclusively on Amazon limits my ability to send signed ebooks.  It kind of defeats the purpose of What Do Ebook Authors Sign?  🙂
  • I’d also like to help every ebook author start selling signed copies of their ebooks well before this holiday season.

A signed ebook is a thoughtful, unique, and reasonably priced gift, and since Autography and other services I cover in the book offer multiple formats, you don’t have to worry about which ereader or computer the recipient owns.  It’ll work on pretty much every device.  (Besides, I have shopping to do.  The more authors who offer signed ebooks, the better luck I’ll have finding an awesome title to gift.  🙂 )

  • Of course, there’s the purely selfish promotional aspect.  People need to read the book to prove its worth.

Once folks read What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1, they realize quickly that’s it like a “missing manual” or guide book.  I want to save authors all the time, effort, and techie frustration of researching and testing all the options just to figure out which one works best for them.

The book covers the pros, cons, and step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) in human English (rather than jargon and geekese).  The problem is that I can’t ask folks who don’t already know me or my writing to just take my word for it.  I need other respected authors to write reviews and assure other authors that the info and instructions are valuable.

  • Lastly, I want you to see and experience the awesomeness of getting a signed ebook.  Just don’t judge all inscriptions by my horrible handwriting.  Authors with pretty handwriting will see much prettier results.

That’s it!  Don’t hesitate to email and ask for your free signed ebook, and if you know other ebook authors who’d be interested, send them here to this blog post.  They can opt-in to the mailing list or Facebook group any time between now and midnight Thursday, November 8th to participate in the free ebook promo.


Authorgraph Bugs and Growing Pains

The good news is that I’ve almost completed the updates to Book 1 for the Kindlegraph to Authorgraph changes.  If you bought the book from Amazon, you’ll be able to download the updated version soon.  If I sent you an autographed copy, I’ll have to send you a new one.  I’ll let everyone know as soon as the updated version is available.  🙂

Actually, if you don’t have the book already, you might want to buy the book now just so you can see the way the old Kindlegraph site worked before the Authorgraph changes.

DebuggingAuthorgraph Bugs

The bad news is that Authorgraph is experiencing a few bugs.

I’ve already seen some of the issues related to the new account options (creating an account rather than logging in via Twitter).  If you follow @Authorgraph on Twitter, you’ll see they’re already working on these.

I’ve also found problems with email notifications to authors (about new requests) and to requestors (about fulfilled requests). They’re just not happening. I tweeted @Authorgraph about them a few hours ago.

Another author in our Facebook group asked me about another issue with using Authorgraph on the iPad. We all know that using a mouse to “sign” our names is a pain, so using a pen style input device or a stylus and an iPad or tablet is a much prettier option. The problem is that when you sign in to Authorgraph, you can use the dropdown menu to see the options for Your Requests, Your Collection, etc., but you can’t select them.  Try to tap one and the menu disappears.

I just tweeted @Authorgraph about that one, too.

If you want to follow the conversations on Twitter, follow @Authorgraph and look for responses to @cdclocks (my Twitter handle).

If you’re not a Twitter fan, no worries.  I’ll post updates to the Facebook group as I hear anything new.


Kindlegrap​h is now Authorgrap​h

Per the email from Kindlegraph/Authorgraph founder, Evan Jacobs:

I have exciting news to share with you. Kindlegraph is now Authorgraph!

This is a big deal since it means that readers can now receive digital inscriptions from their favorite authors regardless of which digital reading app or device they use.

In addition, I’ve bundled a bunch of other significant updates into this relaunch including the following:

  • Readers no longer need a Twitter account to request an Authorgraph (they can simply use an email and password)
  • The website has been completely redesigned
  • Readers can submit an Authorgraph request via the widget on your blog or website

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to announce that there are now more than 5,000 authors using the Authorgraph service to connect with their readers! This is something I never imagined when I started this service more than a year ago. I want to thank you for your support and enthusiasm for Authorgraph and I look forward to sharing many of the exciting new features that I’m currently developing.

Regards, Evan Jacobs, Founder

Authorgraph Cool Points:

A Twitter account is no longer required to use Authorgraph.

The site has been redesigned to a cleaner, faster interface, but it hasn’t been redesigned too much.  If you’ve used Kindlegraph, there’s not much of a learning curve to adapt to the new Authorgraph options.

An added option to send a message to the author during the request makes it much easier for the author and reader to personally connect.  It certainly can make inscriptions much more personal.

There’s really no difference in the received authorgraph/kindlegraph.  It’s still a viewable image or pdf of the book cover, message, and author signature.  It’s still a separate file from the ebook and purchase of the ebook is not required to request an Authorgraph.

Authorgraph Not So Cool Points:

Adapting to the growing ereader market is smart, but a branding change (Kindlegraph to Authorgraph) is always painful.

Authorgraph/Kindlegraph is still based on the Amazon affiliate business model, so the author’s books must be available on Amazon to offer Authorgraphs.

Like a Kindlegraph, an Authorgraph is still a single file (image or pdf) separate from the ebook.  It’s not IN the ebook.  It really depends on your preference for digital autographs IN or OUT of the ebook whether this is a cool or not so cool point for Authorgraph.

There do seem to be a few glitches with notifications about requests and fulfilled requests, but that could be a glitch or simply a missing feature I expected.  I’ll test this more over the next few days.

Biggest not so cool point – Yours truly has a chapter to rewrite in What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1.  Luckily, the changes really aren’t that dramatic in terms of use.   😉

Updates to the Book

Don’t let the recent change to Kindlegraph/Authorgraph delay your purchase of What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1.  The updated version will be available to current owners ASAP.  🙂