Exclusive Access to Free Ebook Promo Days

In addition to the latest news and information about signing ebooks and digital signing events, subscribers to the What Do Ebook Authors Sign? mailing list get an exclusive bonus.

Exclusive Access to Free Promotional Offers

I don't offer free ebooks often, but when I do, they'll probably be signed.You join a very narrow group of readers who will be notified about very limited time promotional offers for free, signed copies of the What Do Ebook Authors Sign? ebooks.

Because the ebooks are available for purchase through multiple online vendors, these will never be available through the Kindle Select free promotional days.

Instead, the rare free promotional periods will only be available to members of the What Do Ebook Authors Sign? mailing list or members of the bonus Facebook group.  Announcements about the promotions may appear elsewhere, but the instructions to request a free, autographed copy will be limited to the mailing list and the Facebook group.

The promos will run on limited dates, so you’ll want advanced notification.

Since these will be personally inscribed and signed ebooks, I’ll be manually receiving the requests, signing the ebooks, and sending them (ePub and mobi versions) to you via an email link.  It will be very much like a live signing event.  I’ll be personally responding to your requests ASAP during the promotion, so yeah…the time period will be limited.  (I gotta sleep some time.)  🙂


You can, of course, opt-out of the mailing list at any time, but this is also the first place news and additional tips about digital autographs and signing events will be posted.

Use the short form on the top right of www.WhatDoEbookAuthorsSign.com,

or Click Here to join the mailing list.



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