Free Signed Copy of the Ebook, What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1

The Promo for a free signed copy of What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1 has begun!

What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1 Tools & TechnologyMembers of the What Do Ebook Authors Sign? mailing list or Facebook group can get a free signed copy of Book 1 with all the details and instructions to get you signing ebooks today!

This offer is running until Thursday at midnight, 11/08/12.

Again, this is an exclusive offer to members of the mailing list and members of the bonus Facebook group.  This is an exclusive offer for you, but if you already have a copy of the book, you are also welcome to request a copy during the promo for a friend.

If you know someone else who’d like a free signed copy of Book 1, send them to  They can join the mailing list or the Facebook group between now and midnight Thursday, November 8th to participate in this exclusive offer.

So, how do you get your free signed copy?

Participation is simple.  Send an email to signthis (at) between now and midnight, November 8th with the following information.

  • Email address where you’d like the free signed copy sent.
  • (optional) To whom would you like this made out?  (Your name, friend’s name, or just indicate no name if you’d prefer not to have your name on the inscription)
  • (optional) Any special requests for the inscription?  (You can leave this off if you’d like, but I can customize the inscription if you remind me how I might know you…fellow member of a Facebook group, old eHow buddy, etc.)
  • Finally, because this is an exclusive offer for members, tell me your name or email address (from the mailing list) or your name in the Facebook group.  (This is just a way to keep the offer exclusive to all you loyal folks who’ve joined me on this quest to sign ebooks and spread the word that authors CAN sign ebooks.)

Once you’ve emailed your request, I’ll sign and send you a free copy of the ebook to the email address you specified.  Look for an email from Autography.  That’s where you’ll get the link to download your free signed ebook in ePub and/or mobi formats, so you can read the book on virtually any ereader device, computer or smartphone.

Why the free promo? …and why not on Amazon

  • The KDP Select program on Amazon has done amazing things for authors, but the requirement to sell ebooks exclusively on Amazon limits my ability to send signed ebooks.  It kind of defeats the purpose of What Do Ebook Authors Sign?  🙂
  • I’d also like to help every ebook author start selling signed copies of their ebooks well before this holiday season.

A signed ebook is a thoughtful, unique, and reasonably priced gift, and since Autography and other services I cover in the book offer multiple formats, you don’t have to worry about which ereader or computer the recipient owns.  It’ll work on pretty much every device.  (Besides, I have shopping to do.  The more authors who offer signed ebooks, the better luck I’ll have finding an awesome title to gift.  🙂 )

  • Of course, there’s the purely selfish promotional aspect.  People need to read the book to prove its worth.

Once folks read What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1, they realize quickly that’s it like a “missing manual” or guide book.  I want to save authors all the time, effort, and techie frustration of researching and testing all the options just to figure out which one works best for them.

The book covers the pros, cons, and step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) in human English (rather than jargon and geekese).  The problem is that I can’t ask folks who don’t already know me or my writing to just take my word for it.  I need other respected authors to write reviews and assure other authors that the info and instructions are valuable.

  • Lastly, I want you to see and experience the awesomeness of getting a signed ebook.  Just don’t judge all inscriptions by my horrible handwriting.  Authors with pretty handwriting will see much prettier results.

That’s it!  Don’t hesitate to email and ask for your free signed ebook, and if you know other ebook authors who’d be interested, send them here to this blog post.  They can opt-in to the mailing list or Facebook group any time between now and midnight Thursday, November 8th to participate in the free ebook promo.



Free Signed Copy of the Ebook, What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1 — 2 Comments

  1. Old eHow buddy. 🙂 Thanks so much for the free offer of this book. Perfect timing with the hopes my own book will be within the Kindle library in the near future and two others to follow suit right behind that one.

    • Janet, I’m SO excited that you’re going to publish on Amazon! You mentored so many of us on eHow…let me know if there’s anything I can do to help with the new book. 🙂