Kindlegrap​h is now Authorgrap​h

Per the email from Kindlegraph/Authorgraph founder, Evan Jacobs:

I have exciting news to share with you. Kindlegraph is now Authorgraph!

This is a big deal since it means that readers can now receive digital inscriptions from their favorite authors regardless of which digital reading app or device they use.

In addition, I’ve bundled a bunch of other significant updates into this relaunch including the following:

  • Readers no longer need a Twitter account to request an Authorgraph (they can simply use an email and password)
  • The website has been completely redesigned
  • Readers can submit an Authorgraph request via the widget on your blog or website

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to announce that there are now more than 5,000 authors using the Authorgraph service to connect with their readers! This is something I never imagined when I started this service more than a year ago. I want to thank you for your support and enthusiasm for Authorgraph and I look forward to sharing many of the exciting new features that I’m currently developing.

Regards, Evan Jacobs, Founder

Authorgraph Cool Points:

A Twitter account is no longer required to use Authorgraph.

The site has been redesigned to a cleaner, faster interface, but it hasn’t been redesigned too much.  If you’ve used Kindlegraph, there’s not much of a learning curve to adapt to the new Authorgraph options.

An added option to send a message to the author during the request makes it much easier for the author and reader to personally connect.  It certainly can make inscriptions much more personal.

There’s really no difference in the received authorgraph/kindlegraph.  It’s still a viewable image or pdf of the book cover, message, and author signature.  It’s still a separate file from the ebook and purchase of the ebook is not required to request an Authorgraph.

Authorgraph Not So Cool Points:

Adapting to the growing ereader market is smart, but a branding change (Kindlegraph to Authorgraph) is always painful.

Authorgraph/Kindlegraph is still based on the Amazon affiliate business model, so the author’s books must be available on Amazon to offer Authorgraphs.

Like a Kindlegraph, an Authorgraph is still a single file (image or pdf) separate from the ebook.  It’s not IN the ebook.  It really depends on your preference for digital autographs IN or OUT of the ebook whether this is a cool or not so cool point for Authorgraph.

There do seem to be a few glitches with notifications about requests and fulfilled requests, but that could be a glitch or simply a missing feature I expected.  I’ll test this more over the next few days.

Biggest not so cool point – Yours truly has a chapter to rewrite in What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1.  Luckily, the changes really aren’t that dramatic in terms of use.   😉

Updates to the Book

Don’t let the recent change to Kindlegraph/Authorgraph delay your purchase of What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1.  The updated version will be available to current owners ASAP.  🙂

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